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How To Recession-proof Your Online Income...

(Even If You Know Nothing About Politics Or Economics)

And …So You Actually MAKE Money During The Coming Crash!

From the desk of Jon Elkin:

There’s a BIG recession coming and it’s going to affect a LOT of people.

Even if you disagree and think I’m wrong (I’m not), and a recession doesn’t hit in the next few weeks or months, you know that at some point another one WILL arrive because they are a natural part of the economic cycle so what you will see on this page is essentially an evergreen product. 

I am old enough to have traded through past recessions and was able to actively increase my income by using some of the strategies I run through in this publication – So I do know what I am talking about.

I know that when a crash or recession hits it’s NOT the recession itself that causes businesses to go under, at least at first – it’s the REACTION of buyers, business owners and everyday people that cause the initial problems for online business.

Sure, interest rates will change, the markets will radically move and so on when the recession trickles through…

But by that point many online businesses have already gone broke because their owners had no idea how to react to what was happening – what buyers needed, what would continue to sell and what markets, products and strategies they needed to move into.

They just didn’t have a plan of action for when things inevitably changed.

They didn’t move fast enough either.

But by having some ready-to-go strategies in place (that can be created in an hour or less) you can simply push some buttons when a recession hits and continue making profit (and INCREASE that profit) while other marketers are going bankrupt or are frozen with fear.

And that’s what I share in this 35 page PDF publication

What Do You Get?

If you already have an online business or are about to create one, this publication could be worth it’s weight in gold for you because I share strategies that can not only keep your business safe when the crash comes (and again, it IS coming).

You get instant access to a no-fluff 35 page PDF that details 12 things that you can do (or avoid doing in some instances) to head off a disaster before it happens.

These are simple steps that will take less than an hour to implement into your business but could make all the difference in a troubled economy.

That’s 12 things that your competitors may not have!

You’ll Discover…

👍  The one thing  to avoid at all costs (Page 4)

👍  Never base any decisions on ____________ (Page 11)

👍  Leverage the _________ vs. __________ principle to get cheap traffic (Page 15)

👍  Increase your ___________ ____________ to keep moving forward (Page 17)

👍  The one flexible thing you can use to boost sales (Page 21)

👍  Be prepared to __________ ___________ in order to tap into new income streams (Page 24)

👍  Don’t fall into the “Ernest Hemingway trap”! (Page 26)

👍  Don’t make this common assumption about your customers (Page 31)

👍  How to be the guy who is ahead of the pack when the _______ hits the fan (Page 35)

👍  Plus many more knowledge bombs that will prove invaluable to navigate the economic storms

Can you really afford to pass this by?

In the spirit of the subject matter, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t not offer you a chance to get this at a time limited discount.

I also want you to be able to make money from this publication
So I decided to add in a resell rights pack

With this pack you get what you need to start selling this much-needed and timely publication.

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Jon Elkin

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